A Kurdish Kolbar was killed by government troops at the Chaldoran border

 On Thursday, November 5th, a Kurdish Kolbar named Hassan Delaie Milan, a 4-year-old from the village of Qashqablagh in the Chaldoran district, was dead  due to firing by government troops at the border with the city.

 This kolbar along with a group of Kurdish Kolbars were targeted by government troops without any prior notice.

 The body of this Kolbar was transferred to Chaldoran  and has not been delivered to his family yet.

 Hassan Delaie Milan is married and has three children.

 In this regard, on Monday, November 2nd, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Siavash Kore Sunni" from the village of "Ravian" from the Qotur Khoy district lost his life after being shot by government troops at the border of this city.