A Kurdish clergyman has been arrested for criticising the killing of Kolbars

Kurdpa Press Agency: Intelligence forces arrested a Kurdis clergyman in Kurdish city of Baneh. Security forces have taken the Kurdish citizen to Etelaat’s centre in Baneh city.

According to reports sent to Kurdpa Press Agency, On Sunday the 2nd of Decmber 2018, Iranian security forces arrested clergyman Abdulbaqi Saidi. Abdulbaqi Saidi is the ex Friday payer imam at Tarkhan Abad’s mosque. Iranian security forces arrested and took him to their centre to be interrogated.

According to an informed source, this imam had condemned the killing of Kurdish Kolbars by the Iranian security forces on Friday the 30th of November 2018. He also criticised the Iranian government for mistreating Kolbars.

The sources added that Abdulbaqi had previously criticised the Iranian regime’s policies and therefore he was removed from his position as Friday prayer Imam of Tarkhan Abad.

Up to this date, this Kurdish clergyman who has been arrested is held at Intelligence Services’ Centre, and there has been no news from his situation.