A Kurdish citizen was sentenced to five years in prison

10:52 - 2 December 2020

 A Kurdish citizen named "Naib (Masoud) Hajipour" from Urmia was sentenced to five years in prison by the Second Branch of the Revolutionary Court of this city.

 The court charged this citizen with "acting against national security through membership in a Kurdish opposition party of the Iranian government."

 The trial of this citizen was held on Monday, the 23rd of December, and his sentence was announced to him in recent days in Urmia Prison.

 in October 8, 2019, Naib Hajipour, along with four other citizens, Omid Saeedi, Abdolaziz Mohammadpour, Kamran Ghasemi, and Keyvan Rashuzadeh, were detained by security forces without a court order and transferred to the Urmia Intelligence Detention Center for questioning.

 After a month of interrogation, this Kurdish citizen was transferred to the central prison of Urmia and is being held in ward 1-2.