A Kurdish citizen was arrested in Ilam to serve his sentence

 In recent days, a Kurdish citizen named "Mehrab Bakhti", the son of Ayub from Ilam, was arrested to serve his sentence and transferred to the city's central prison.

 The citizen was sentenced by the First Branch of the Ilam Revolutionary Court to 16 months in prison and one year in prison, respectively, on charges of "insulting the leadership and propaganda against the regime in cyberspace" on May 16, 2020.

 Following the appeal of this Kurdish citizen against the verdict of the trial Court on September 19th, the Fifth Branch of the Ilam Court of Appeals upheld the sentence of 16 months imprisonment for "insulting the leadership" and his one-year imprisonment sentence for "propaganda against the regime."  Pursuant to paragraph (b) of Article 12 of the Law on the Reduction of Punishment, imprisonment was reduced to seven months' imprisonment.

 This citizen was transferred to Ilam Central Prison to serve his sentence after the verdict was confirmed in the Court of Appeals.

 in 2018, Mehrab Bakhti was also detained by security forces and on November 5, 2018, he was charged with "insulting Iranian government officials in cyberspace" by Branch 101 of the Ilam Criminal Court, according to Article 609 of the Islamic Penal Code, which was punishable by 74 lashes enforceable.