A Kolbar was wounded a the Baneh border

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish Kolbar was wounded in Baneh\'s border and transferred to the hospital due to a direct shoot of government troops on the border of this city.

According to a report from Kurdistan Press Agency, on Thursday 14th of March, a Kurdish Kolbar named \"Rauf Arefi\", 50, was wounded after direct shootings by government troops at Baneh\'s border.

Government troops have shot this Kolbar without warning, and he has been transferred to Salah al-Din Ayubi Hospital for medical treatment.

In this regard, on Monday, March 11th, a 16-year-old Kolbar, Afshar Sayediniaz, from the city of Marivan, during carrying the load from the \"Tate\" heights of the Horaaman area fell down and died.

This teenage Kolbar died because of the severity of the injuries.