A Kolbar was injured near the border areas of Nowsud

11:48 - 29 August 2022

On Saturday, August 27th, a Kolbar named "Majed Mohammadi" was injured by the firing of government soldiers at the border of Nowsud.

 The government soldiers directly fired at this Kolbar from close range without any prior warning.

 In this incident, this Kolbar was seriously injured in the leg area and was taken to medical centers for medical treatment.

 Majed Mohammadi is a resident of Nowdeshah, one of Paveh districts.

 In this regard, on Friday August 26th, a Kolbar named "Rebwar Rashidi", the son of Abu Bakr from the village of "Qoliava" in Baneh, died due to the shooting of the government soldiers in the border of "Brvishkani" of this city.