A Kolbar was injured by a landmine at the Shooshmi border

10:57 - 28 February 2022

 On the evening of Monday, February 21st, a Kolbar named "Arkan Mahmoudi", 25, son of Bahram from the village of "Mir Abdoli" in the Bayangan district of Paveh, was severely injured by a mine explosion in the Shooshmi border heights in the Nowsud district.

 This Kolbar was severely injured due to a mine explosion on his right foot.

 Arkan Mahmoudi was sent to Quds Paveh Hospital for medical treatment and is currently under intensive medical care.

 The Shooshmi border in Kermanshah province is highly contaminated with landmines and explosives, and many Kolbars and ordinary people in this area are victims of landmine explosions.

 On Tuesday, January 11th, a Kolbar named "Yaser (Mansour) Sahraei" from the village of "Koleseh" in the city of Javanrud was injured by a mine explosion at the Nowsud border.

 Also on Saturday, January 8th, another Kolbar named "Osman Mohammadi" from the village of "Hashmar" in the city of Salas_e_Babajani was seriously injured by a landmine explosion at the Nowsud border and had a leg injury.