A Kolbar died due to government soldiers shooting at Baneh's border

10:19 - 12 September 2022

On Sunday, September 11th, a 40-year-old Kurdish kolbar named "Rezgar Mohammadzadeh" was shot by government soldiers at the "Hengehjal" border in Baneh.

 The government soldiers directly fired at this Kolbar from close range without any prior warning.

 Kolbar's body was transferred to Salahuddin Ayubi Baneh Hospital and has not been handed over to his family yet.

 This Kolbar is married, has two children and is from Saqez.

  With the increase in the killing of Kolbars in the border areas, according to Kurdpa statistics, only in the period from second to sixth of September 2022, a total of 13 Kolbars were injured in the border areas of Nowsud, Baneh, Marivan and Sardasht.

 According to the statistics recorded by Kurdpa Human Rights Organization;

 In 2021, a total of 225 Kolbars were killed and wounded in Iranian Kurdistan.  (45 killed, 180 wounded)