A kolbar died at the border of "Bitosh" in Sardasht

 This evening, Monday April 18th, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Soleiman Ebrahimzadeh" 37,  from the village of "Benokhalf" in Sardasht, was killed by government soldiers at the border of "Bitosh" in this city.

 According to an informed source, government soldiers shot Soleiman Ebrahimzadeh directly at the border of Bitosh without any prior warning.

 This Kolbar is married and has one child.

 In this regard, on the evening of Sunday, April 17th, the government forces fired directly at the group of Kolbars at the borders of Nowsud and Shushmi, and as a result, several Kolbars were wounded, in which the identity of 10 Kolbars were known to Kurdpa.