A citizen died as a result of a military shooting at the border of Qasr-e Shirin

 On Friday, December 3rd, a citizen named Habib Rostami, 30, the son of Golnazar from the village of Farmanshah, a resident of Qasr-e Shirin, was shot dead by government troops at the border with Parviz Khan of this city.

 Government soldiers fired directly at the citizen without any warning, and he died as a result of gunshot wound to his head.

 According to an informed source, government soldiers shot at this citizen directly while he was not carrying any smuggled goods.

 The body of this citizen was transferred to the forensic medicine of Sarpol-e Zahab city and has not been handed over to his family yet.

 Habib Rostami is married, has two children and is a follower of the Yari religion.