62 killed and wounded by mine blast in 1397 ( solar Hijri calendar)

Kurdpa Agency: 62 citizens were killed and wounded in a landmines blast in Kurdistan and Iran in 1397.

According to minefield Weblog (minefield.blogfa.com), 62 citizens were killed and wounded in the mine blast in 1397.

According to statistics, six of the victims were under the age of 18, and all victims were mined in Urmia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Ilam, Khuzestan and Sistan and Baluchestan.

Among the victims of the Mine blast in 1397, eight were female and 54 others were men.

Of the total, 51 civilians, 4 military and 7 miners were mined in 1397

Out of the 62 victims of the mine blast, 14 people died and 48 other victims were injured, or wounded, by hand, eyes and feet.

In the events that took place in Iran and Kurdistan in 1397, 38 land mines and Six of the unexploded ordnance have exploded.

Thirty years after the end of the war between Iran and Iraq, the Maines War continues to be sacrifice people, and mines, ammunition are unexploded will explode in a war as if it is not ended. According to official research, Iran is the second-most contaminated with mines country in the world, and apart from controversial statistics on the estimated mines in four million and two hundred thousand hectares land of Iran, authorities have stated, there are more than 16 million mines and ordnance unexploded after the end of the war in the Urmia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Ilam and Khuzestan.