Continued detention and lack of information on the fate of Zobeir Hosseinpanahi and Abbas Hosseinpanahi

10:45 - 21 February 2024

Two Kurdish citizens named "Zobeir Hosseinpanahi" and "Abbas Hosseinpanahi" from the village of "Qoruchay" in Dehgolan, despite the passage of eight days since their arrest, are still in detention and in the dark and there is no information about their fate.

According to an informed source, these two citizens have been deprived of access to a lawyer and meeting with their families so far.

The informed source added: The families of these two citizens do not have any information about their condition and location.

On February 6, 2024, security forces arrested these two citizens in the city of Dehgolan without presenting a judicial order and resorting to violence.

These two citizens had gone to Dehgolan to visit the family of Mohammad (Hejir) Faramarzi, an executed political prisoner.

Photo from right to left: Zobeir and Abbas Hosseinpanahi