The Evin Security Court filed charges against Pakshan Azizi

13:20 - 16 February 2024

Pakshan Azizi, a Kurdish women's activist and former political prisoner from Mahabad, was charged by the fifth branch of the Evin Security Court with "membership in opposition groups to the country."

According to a well-informed source, the trial of this Kurdish activist was held recently in the fifth branch of the Evin Security Court. Following the issuance of an indictment, his case was referred to the 26th branch of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, which is chaired by Judge "Iman Afshari."

In November of 2023, Pakshan Azizi was transferred to the women's ward of Evin Prison following four months of interrogation in Ward 209.

On August 4, 2023, security guards in Tehran detained this social work graduate, who was then transferred to ward 209 of Evin Prison.

On November 17, 2023,  Pakshan Azizi, Varisheh Moradi, and Sirvan Mohammadrezaei were taken into custody, as stated on the "Bitavan" webpage of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Ministry of Intelligence. "Membership in one of the Kurdish parties opposed to the Iranian government" was one of the charges.

On Tuesday, July 31, 2023, Varisheh Moradi (Jovana Suna), a Kurdish women's activist, was taken into custody by security forces near Sanandaj. She was accused of "rebellion" by the Tehran General and Revolutionary Court's fifth branch.

Additionally, Pakshan Azizi was detained for four months before being released on bond following his arrest by security forces on November 16, 2009, during a rally of Kurdish students at Tehran University against political executions in Kurdistan.

This Kurdish women's activist had recently moved to Iraqi Kurdistan after leaving Iran for a period of time.