Ilam; Mohammadkamil Zandkhani, one of the detainees of the revolutionary uprising of Jin, Jiyan, Azadi, committed suicide after being arrested and threatened by security agencies

23:51 - 14 February 2024

Mohammadkamil Zandkhani, an 18-year-old Ilami youth who had been arrested twice during the revolutionary uprising of Jin, Jiyan, Azadi, after being notified of a 13-year prison sentence, as well as a short-term arrest and threat by the intelligence forces of the Revolutionary Guards on February 7, threw himself down from the six-story building where he lived and lost his life.

According to an informed source to Kurdpa; Mr. Zandkhani had recently been under severe psychological pressure due to the notification of a 13-year prison sentence; also, after the security agencies repeatedly summoned and threatened this 18-year-old youth and his father by phone, on February 7, 2024, the intelligence forces of the Revolutionary Guards arrested him at his home and transferred him to an unknown location.

Given that the 13-year sentence was only verbally notified to him and sources have confirmed it, Kurdpa cannot independently confirm whether this sentence has been issued or not; but reliable sources of Kurdpa have confirmed that Mr. Zandkhani was under psychological pressure by this method.

On the other hand, another reliable source told Kurdpa; that Mr. Zandkhani had an open case in court on charges of "armed action against national security" and his verdict has not yet been issued.

After a few hours of torture and threat to this young Kurd, a Samand car threw him in front of the door of his family's home, while he had been severely beaten. An informed source of Kurdpa says; that Mr. Zandkhani had been threatened with beating and torture in this short-term arrest and that "they would put the murder of all the people killed in Ilam on him".

According to the research conducted by Kurdpa, during the popular protests in Ilam, except for the civilians who were killed by the repressive forces of the Islamic Republic, no government force was killed.

Also, a few hours after the suicide of Mohammadkamil Zandkhani, security forces took his body and delivered it to the family on February 8, 2024, after obtaining a written commitment and signature from the family and threatening them not to report the issue. The mobile phone of this 18-year-old youth was also confiscated by security forces and has not been delivered to the family yet.

This 18-year-old youth had said goodbye to his friends by sending messages before committing suicide.

This is the third time that this detainee of the Jin, Jiyan, Azadi protests has committed suicide and lost his life in the last attempt. In early February 2023, Mohammadkamil Zandkhani, who was 17 years old at the time, went into a coma and was hospitalized after attempting suicide following his temporary release on bail from his second arrest. He regained consciousness on February 4, 2023, and survived death. He had also attempted suicide once before.

Mohammadkamil Zandkhani was first arrested on October 23, 2022, during the popular protests in Ilam and was released on bail after a while. Then he was arrested again on December 21, 2022, and after 43 days of interrogation and physical and psychological torture, he was transferred to the Correction and Education Center of Ilam and then released on bail of one billion tomans.

According to an informed source to Kurdpa; he had been severely tortured and in addition to constant beating and torture with fists, kicks, and batons, he had fainted several times due to torture with electric shockers. As a result of the torture, one of his ribs was broken.

Previously, reports of his psychological torture at the age of 17 and in detention had been published by Kurdish activists in Ilam. According to these activists, part of the psychological torture against him during detention and interrogation in solitary confinement was that every night they sent a cleric to his cell and asked him to say "Ashhad" because he would be executed tomorrow.

According to these Kurdish activists in Ilam, giving psychotropic pills to this 17-year-old teenager during detention was another torture inflicted on him.

Another source of Kurdpa on the torture of detainees in Ilam says; that threatening to inject drugs and drugs was part of the torture against detainees in Ilam, in such a way that interrogators threatened that if you were released, these drugs would make you crazy and insane in such a way that you commit suicide.

In addition to the poor mental condition of Mohammadkamil after his temporary release due to severe psychological and physical torture; summoning, pressure, and repeated threats against this young Kurd and his family have put double pressure on him.

According to informed sources of Kurdpa, repression in Ilam continues through pressure from security agencies on detainees and especially the families of detainees. They say that the pattern of repression through various types of psychological and physical torture in prison and various types of threats and intimidation after release against the person and the whole family is underway.

Mohammadkamil Zandkhani was born on October 23, 2005, in Il-e Ali Beygi in the city of Ilam.