Urmia; Shuresh Abubakri, a well-known Kurdish artist, was released on bail

19:15 - 12 February 2024

On February 1, 2024, Shuresh Abubakri, a well-known artist from Sardasht, known as "Shoreswar", was temporarily released from one of the security detention centers in Urmia until the end of the trial by posting a bail of 500 million tomans.

According to an informed source, this artist has been accused of "disturbing public opinion".

Shuresh Abubakri was arrested and transferred to one of the security detention centers in Urmia for interrogation after an armed attack by security forces and without presenting a judicial warrant at midnight on January 8, 2024.

Mr. Abubakri is a producer, presenter, tar player, and well-known singer of Sardasht in the field of literature and art. He had a music school called "Ava-e Kurd" in Sardasht, which was revoked six years ago.

This Kurdish artist, in the last video he posted on his Instagram page in Kurdish one day before his arrest, spoke of the government's restrictions and preventive measures to prevent his activities in the field of Kurdish art and literature in the past two decades.