Execution of five prisoners in Karaj Central Prison

19:53 - 5 January 2024

At dawn on January 1, the death sentences of five prisoners named "Masoud Rostami, Manouchehr (Hojjatollah) Aghabi, Dariush Shokrzadeh, Navkhas Maleki (Malekzadeh) and Afshin Mohammadi" from Kermanshah province were carried out in Karaj Central Prison.

The head of the judiciary of Alborz province announced that these five prisoners were sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court of Karaj on charges of "gang and armed robberies resulting in insecurity of roads and creating terror and horror among the people and causing major damage to public property" and their verdicts were confirmed by the Supreme Court of the country and their appeal was rejected by the court.

These five prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement in Karaj Central Prison two days earlier for the execution of the death sentence.

They were from the cities of Islam Abad Gharb (Shabad), Karand Gharb, and Bisotun in Kermanshah province.