Sanandaj; Mohammad Jafar Mohammadi was released on bail

19:47 - 5 January 2024

On January 2, a Kurdish citizen named "Mohammad Jafar Mohammadi" 55 years old, son of Tawfiq, from Sanandaj, was temporarily released from the prison of this city by depositing a bail of 200 million Tomans.

This citizen was transferred to the prison of this city after completing the interrogation stages from the detention center of the police of information and security of Sanandaj and was deprived of access to a designated lawyer during the detention period.

At dawn on December 25, security forces raided his home in the "Haji Abad" neighborhood of Sanandaj without presenting a judicial order and arrested him with violence.

According to a document obtained by Kurdpa, the arrest of Mohammad Jafar Mohammadi took place after he filed a complaint against the law enforcement personnel of Sanandaj for assault and illegal detention in the military court of Kurdistan province.

Also on January 1, "Morteza Mohammadi" and "Ebrahim Mohammadi", the sons of Mohammad Jafar, were arrested by security forces.