Bokan; arrest of two Kurdish clerics by security forces

10:38 - 3 December 2023

On December 2, Mamusta Hassan Amini, the imam of the village of "Mallalr" in Bokan, and "Mamusta Mohyeddin Mohammadzadeh", the imam of the village of "Nobar" in Bokan, were arrested by security forces.

According to a source informed by Kurdpa, security forces arrested these two Kurdish clerics without presenting a judicial warrant.

The informed source added: The follow-ups of the families of these two Mamustas to find out their fate have been fruitless.

Mamusta Hassan Amini is from the village of "Markhz" in Saqqez and Mamusta Mohyeddin Mohammadzadeh is from the village of "Konolan" in Saqqez.

Mamusta Mohyeddin Mohammadzadeh was previously the imam of the village of "Koleh" in the city of Divandareh and on January 10, 2015, he was sentenced to leave the Imamat and expelled from that village by the decree of the Islamic Center of the West of the country.

Until the publication of this news, there was no information available about the reason for the arrest and the charges against these two Kurdish clerics.

Photo from right to left: Mamusta Mohyeddin Mohammadzadeh and Mamusta Hassan Amini