Naqadeh Prison; Continued detention and uncertainty of Hossein Mahmoudpour, a citizen of Piranshahr

21:21 - 1 December 2023

A Kurdish citizen named "Hossein Mahmoudpour" son of Aziz from the village of "Gargul Sofla" of Piranshahr is still in Naqadeh prison indefinitely.

According to a source informed to Kurdpa, this citizen has been deprived of access to a designated lawyer and is being held in Naqadeh prison without bail.

This informed source said: So far, no court session has been held to examine the charges against Mr. Mahmoudpour.

This informed source added: This citizen was interrogated for 10 days in the detention center of the Piranshahr Intelligence Office and 25 days in the detention center of the Urmia Intelligence Office and was transferred to Naqadeh prison after the interrogation was completed.

This informed source announced that the security forces have accused this Kurdish citizen of membership and cooperation with one of the Kurdish opposition parties to the Iranian government.

On August 15, security forces raided his home without a judicial warrant and arrested him.

Hossein Mahmoudpour was born on June 24, 1972.