Bokan; Arrest of Asrin Mohammadi and Injury of "Daye Mina," Sister and Mother of Shahryar Mohammadi, by the Repressive Forces on the Anniversary of his Governmental Murder

01:11 - 21 November 2023

On the eve of the anniversary of the governmental murder of Shahryar Mohammadi, one of the victims of the revolutionary uprising in Jin Jyan Azadi in Bokan, his sister Asrin Mohammadi was arrested by security forces and transferred to an undisclosed location. Moreover, her mother "Daye Mina" was injured during the arrest of her daughter and, according to his brother Milad Mohammadi, she was thrown out of a shop window with glass.

Milad Mohammadi, Shahryar Mohammadi's brother, wrote on his Instagram page about the arrest of his sister and the injury of his mother; This morning (November 15, 2023), my sister Asrin Mohammadi was arrested by 10 plainclothes forces in a banner-printing shop owned by someone named "Aram," and her mother "Daye Mina" was also injured by these forces.

He states that his sister has many medications that she needs to take, and despite being severely ill, she has been arrested.

Mr. Mohammadi wrote about the details of the arrest of his sister and the injury of his mother; This morning (November 15, 2023), after a few months, my sister Asrin Mohammadi returned to Bokan and wanted to hold a small ceremony with my mother for the anniversary of my brother's death. For a few days, Mr. "Aram," whose shop is located at the intersection of Imam Junction in Bokan and prints banners, had been visiting {the shop}. Mr. "Aram" had been trying for a few days to find an excuse for my sister to come to his shop in person. Today, he pulled my sister into his shop several times until the shop and its surroundings became deserted. Mr. Aram looked outside the whole time, betraying a girl who was sick and in very bad condition. This girl had gone to the brink of death after Shahryar’s martyrdom and now has many medications to take. When Mr. Aram entered the shop for a moment, two military women and five plainclothes, and immediately 10 special forces in black outfits with completely covered faces, detained my sister and injured my mother, throwing her out of the window outside with glass.

Shahryar Mohammadi's brother concludes; They shot me with bullets, killed my brother, injured my mother, and now they have ruthlessly taken away my sick sister.

Mr. Mohammadi has also posted two videos of his mother's voice on his Instagram page, speaking about "betrayal of her daughter by traitors" and her arrest.

Shahryar Mohammadi was injured on November 18th during the popular protests in Bokan by the gunfire of the repressive-government forces. After being transferred to the hospital in the city due to the severity of his injuries, he lost his life.