5949 executions in Iran and 655 executions in Kurdistan in 12 years

16:02 - 10 October 2023

The Statistics Center of the Kurdish Human Rights Organization (Kurdpa) has published a statistical-analytical report on the executions in Iran and Kurdistan in the last 12 years (2012 - 2023.10.10) on the occasion of October 10, the World Day Against the Abolition of the Death Penalty.

This report is published based on the statistics recorded in the Kurdpa Statistics Center and the actual statistics may be much higher than this.

According to these statistics:

During these 12 years, 5949 people have been executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.655 people of those executed were Kurdish citizens.

Crimes related to drugs with 47%, murder with 33%, and rape with violence with 4% have included the most cases of execution in these 12 years.

except for the years 2012 and 2016, a total of 39 child criminals and 158 women have been executed. 283 executions have been carried out in public

During these 12 years, the trend of executions for crimes related to drugs has been declining until 2021 and then has risen.

Throughout this period, 174 political, ideological, and "security" prisoners have been executed;

•66 political prisoners; 28 Kurdish political prisoners, 32 other political prisoners, and 6 political prisoners accused of spying

•40 Kurdish ideological prisoners

•68 prisoners accused of "security" who were mostly ideological; 22 people accused of "attacking the military parade in Ahvaz", 19 people accused of "membership in Jaish al-Adl", 15 people accused of "bombing in Chabahar on Ashura Day 97" (Baloch), 8 people accused of "membership in ISIS and attack on the parliament building" (Kurd), 4 people accused of "bombing in Ahvaz")

Regarding the last item mentioned, Kurdpa has categorized political, ideological, and "security" prisoners only for transparency, to provide it transparently to the readers. Kurdpa does not have full access to the field of activity of individuals, especially to other ethnic groups. Kurdpa's main effort has been to mention the accusation made by the Islamic Republic in this classification.

Statistical chart of execution of death sentence in Iran  2012-10/10/2023

Statistical chart of execution of death sentence carried out in public  2012-10/10/2023

Statistical graph of execution of sentence of people who were under 18 years old when they committed the crime (young offender) 2012 to 10/10/2023