Divandarreh: Omid Ghadimi, the Brother of Fowad Ghadimi, Detained Among the Martyrs of the Revolutionary Uprising in Jin, Jiyan, Azadi

01:17 - 26 September 2023

On Thursday morning, September 7th, Omid Ghadimi, the brother of Fowad Ghadimi, one of the martyrs of the revolutionary uprising in Jin, Jiyan, Azadi, was detained by security forces in Divandarreh and transferred to an undisclosed location.

According to an informed source speaking to Kurdpa, Mr. Ghadimi was detained by security forces without any judicial order while he was going to work on one of the streets of Divandarreh.

The informed source added: There is no information available about the condition of Omid Ghadimi after his detention.

Omid Ghadimi is 32 years old and works in a dry cleaning business.

At the time of this report, the reasons for his detention and the charges against him are unknown.

Fowad Ghadimi, born on 20.02.1983, is the son of Hadiqeh Safaei and Abdullah. He was married and worked as a tailor and in the dry cleaning business in Divandarreh. Mr. Ghadimi was injured during the protests in Divandarreh on September 19, 2022 and passed away two days later on September 21st in Sanandaj Hospital.