Saqqez; Detention of Sharmine Habibi, the Spouse of Fereydoun Mahmoudi, a Martyr of the Revolutionary Uprising of woman, life, freedom

18:25 - 30 August 2023

On Tuesday, August 22nd, Sharmine Habibi, the spouse of Fereydoun Mahmoudi, a martyr of the revolutionary uprising of woman, life, freedom, was detained by security forces.

According to an informed source, there is no precise information about the fate of Ms. Habibi after her arrest by security agents.

As of the time of publishing this news, there is no detailed information available about the reason for the arrest and the charges brought against Sharmine Habibi.

In the current year, during the month of May, Branch 1 of the Military Prosecutor's Office of Saqqez and Baneh confirmed the shooting of Fereydoun Mahmoudi by special forces and issued an order prohibiting prosecution against the special forces unit.

Branch 1 of the Military Prosecutor's Office of Saqqez and Baneh had announced: "It is not clear which member of the special forces targeted Fereydoun Mahmoudi with gunshot, therefore, no assignment or identification of the perpetrator exists. Thus, with regard to the general aspect of the complaint by the bereaved family and due to lack of sufficient documented evidence according to the principle of superior innocence and Article 4, and in the execution of Article 265 of the Criminal Procedure Code, prosecution prohibition has been issued."

In the subsequent final decision of the Military Prosecutor's Office of Saqqez and Baneh, it was stated: "Therefore, with respect to the determination of the obligation of the relevant unit to pay diyah (blood money) in accordance with Article 631 of the Criminal Procedure Code, it must be dealt with in the military court without filing a lawsuit."

On Sunday, April 16th, this year, Fereydoun Mahmoudi's parents were summoned to the Military Prosecutor's Office of Saqqez and Baneh and were informed that they should withdraw their complaint in exchange for receiving diyah.

Fereydoun Mahmoudi's mother, while rejecting this request, had said to the judge of the Military Prosecutor's Office, "We do not sell Fereydoun's blood to the government."

On September 19th, 2022, Fereydoun Mahmoudi, a resident of Saqqez, lost his life during the protests in the city. His body was buried at night without any ceremony due to the opposition of security authorities.