Continued Detention and Lack of Information on the Fate and Location of Arman Nikpey

16:45 - 30 July 2023

Despite 16 days having passed since his arrest, there is no precise information available regarding the fate and location of Arman Nikpey, a citizen from the village of "Ney" in the outskirts of Marivan.

According to an informed source, on Thursday, July 27th, Mr. Nikpey had a brief phone call with his family.

This informed source added that so far, there is no accurate information about his place of detention, and he has been denied access to a lawyer and meeting with his family.

On the evening of Wednesday, July 12th, Arman Nikpey was arrested by security forces without a judicial warrant, and there is no information available about the reason for his arrest and the charges against him.