Piranshahr; A young Kurdish man was sentenced to two years of discretionary imprisonment

10:37 - 12 January 2023

 A citizen named "Alireza (Mardin) Rasoulianpour", 19 years old, son of Ibrahim from Piranshahr, was sentenced to two years in prison by the 102nd branch of the criminal court of this city headed by judge "Amir Mohammadi".

 The court accused this young man of "gathering and collusion against national security" and this verdict was served on him in recent days.

 On the 13th of December, Mr. Rasoulianpour was tried in Branch 102 of Piranshahr Criminal Court without access to any designated lawyer.

 Alireza Rasoulianpour was arrested by the security forces on the 24th of November and after the interrogation period was completed, he was transferred from the Intelligence Detention Center of Piranshahr Guards to Naqdeh Prison.

 This young man was released from Naqdeh prison on the 7th of December after posting a bail of one billion tomans.