A brief biography of Hajar Mam Khosravi, one of the victims of the Bokan protests

10:33 - 12 January 2023

Hajar Mam Khosravi is the son of Reza and born in the village of "Ortakand" in Bokan. He and his twin sister "Hero" were born in Bokan Hospital on January 14, 2003. 

 Hajar and his family lived in Ortakand village until the sixth grade. Then the family moved to Bokan city and settled in "Majburabad" neighborhood of this city to continue their children's education.

 He studied mechanics until high school and 11th grade, and then he works in agriculture with his family.

 Due to the social base of the family, Hajar grew up with the spirit of seeking identity and since childhood he was known by the symbol of victory in his hand.

 On November 17th, after participating in a wedding ceremony, he joined the protesters of Bokan city and was killed by the organizational weapon of a local IRGC force named "Qalaresh".

 Due to the severity of his injuries, he died one hour after being transferred to the hospital, and his family buried him quickly at 11:00 PM under the intense pressure of the repressive security institutions.
 Hajar Mam Khosravi's family is under the pressure and surveillance of repressive security institutions.