Kurdpa: The death of 121 Kurdish citizens during the nationwide uprising

16:41 - 4 January 2023

According to the information and research conducted by Kurdpa, since the beginning of the nationwide uprising against the Islamic Republic by following the murder of Jina-Mehsa Amini during the public protests in Kurdistan in the past 106 days, 121 people have lost their lives by the oppressors of the Islamic Republic.

 These statistics have been compiled and confirmed by Kurdpa until January 1st. Of course, several other cases of information about the deceased have been received by Kurdpa, which is being investigated further to confirm them.

 According to this report;

 121 citizens of Kurdistan have died in 106 days.

 12 of them are under 18 years old.

 5 of the dead are women.

 Nasreen Qadri, Sarina Saedi, Hamid Goli, Omid Hosseini, Saman Rahmani and Alireza Karimi, they died with batons of the oppressors.

 Ramin Fatehi, Ismail Dezwar, Omid Hosseini, Hemen Aman, Shadman Ahmadi, Mohammad Haji Rasoolpour and Shahriar Adeli were killed under torture after being detained in an unknown place, and Mohammad Lotfolahi and Nasrin Qadri were killed during detention.

 All the citizens were killed by war bullets, and Kumar Darvishi, Momen Zandkarimi and Ribaz Salehivand were obviously killed by bullets.

 December 21st with 14 deaths, October 26th and 27th with 12 deaths, and from November 15th to November 21th with 44 were among the days with the most government killings.

 Separation of death statistics based on provinces;

 Kurdistan; 40 (Sanandaj 19, Divandarreh 5, Dehgolan 3, Saqez 5, Kamiyaran 3, Marivan 2, Baneh 3)

 Urima; 49 (Urmia 4, Piranshahr 7, Oshnavieh 4, Bokan 18, Mahabad 14, Sardasht 1, Takab 1)

 Kermanshah;  29 (Javanrud 8, Kermanshah 6, Qasr Shirin 3, Islamabad Gharb 3, Salas Babajani 1, Gilangharb 1, Sarpol Zahab 1, Kangavar 2, Sahne 1 and 3 citizens from Sonqor died in Karaj, Qarchak and Qazvin)

 Ilam;  1 

 Razavi Khorasan (Quchan 1)

 A citizen from Iraqi Kurdistan also died during the burial of one of the victims of Baneh by government oppressors.