Sasan Chamanara has been sentenced to five years prison

19:00 - 31 December 2022

Sasan Chamanara, a Kurdish artist from Ilam, has sentenced to five years in prison by Branch 29 of Tehran Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Seyed Ali Mazloum.

 According to an informed source, this 33-year-old artist has been sentenced to five years in prison on charges of "community and collusion against national security and propaganda against the regime".

 This informed source added: Mr. Chamanara was denied access to an appointed lawyer during his detention and only had access to it when he was in court.

 This informed source stated: This artist's lawyer had access to his client's file only once before the court session, and he did not have the opportunity to defend himself during the court session, and he has not been able to access his client's file after the verdict.

 Sasan Chamanara was arrested  without any court order by the security forces on the 7th of October for participating in the protests, and spent 21 days in the "Yek A" detention center of the IRGC Intelligence Organization and 18 days in the "209" ward of Evin Prison, which belongs to the Ministry of Intelligence.

 This artist was tortured and ill-treated by the security forces during his detention, and after a month of detention, he had a one-minute phone call with his family.

 After the interrogation, Mr. Chamanara was transferred to the Greater Tehran prison and went on a hunger strike to protest the conditions of detention and lack of access to medicine.

 In the end, this informed source told Kurdpa regarding the access to the necessary facilities of the prison, such as proper cooling and heating, hot and cold water, bathroom, bed, library, and gymnasium: Access to facilities is very limited, especially proper cooling and heating.  Hot and cold water, bathroom has problems.  There is hot water only 3 days a week, but the most important thing is the lack of access to medical services and medicine, and there is a severe restriction on sending medicine to the prisoners by their families.