Who is responsible for stopping Iranian Interventions in Iraqi Kurdistan!?

21:17 - 14 June 2018
Unknown Author
Shareef Hazhariy

Iranian Spies and Militias have been conducting variety terror actions and interventions in Iraqi Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan). The Kurdish People clearly know that the actions have been guiding by Iranian Regime, but the Questions are: Who is responsible to stop it? Why The United Nations cannot stop Iranian Terror Actions and Iranian Interventions in Middle East, its Neighbor, and particularly in Iraqi Kurdistan?

There have been assassinated more than Five Hundred of the Iranian Kurdish Opposition Members in Iraqi Kurdistan; some of the Victims were directly assassinated by The (Pro- Iranian) Iraqi Kurdish Parties and Pro-Iranian Spies, and the Militias.

I will briefly mention various Iranian interventions and it’s Terror Actions in Iraqi Kurdistan:

1-Iranian Regime involves in assassination of brave and liberal voices in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, especially Authors and Academics that stand against the terrorist plans of Iranian Regime, which dozens of samples are available, and it is clear that recently Iranian Regime repeated it.

2-Iranian Regime involves in terrorist actions against (Leaders, Cadres, Members, and Supporters) of Political Parties of Iranian Kurdistan. It is clear who has deported Seven Members of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan from Halabja City in Iraqi Kurdistan Region to Iran, and then, Iranian Regime executed them. It is also clear which Iraqi Kurdish Party assassinated Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan Leaders, both (Mansour Rasha Hawrami) at Dukan Area, and (Mansouri Nassri) at Koya City, for benefit of Iranian Regime. In addition to hundreds of terrorist actions in which the doers are very clear whom they are? And, they are moving throughout Iraqi Kurdistan Territory freely and daily bases.

3-Iranian regime involved in suicide bombed, remote control bombed and terrorist actions inside Iraqi Kurdistan Region Territory, there are dozens of terrorist actions available in which the terrorists are entered through Iranian borders to Iraqi Kurdistan Region. And, sometimes the Pro-Iranian Militias in Iraq have been carrying-out numerous terror actions.

4-Iranian Regime involves in sending drugs to Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan Region through spies working for Iranian Intelligence Agency.
According to “The New York Times”: ((Iran saw a chance to make client state of Iraq, Iran’s influence in Iraq is not just ascendant, but diverse, projecting into military, political, economic and cultural affairs.

Iraqi sovereignty is an afterthought, Busloads of young militia recruits cross into Iran without so much as a document check. Najaf City attracts millions of Iranian pilgrims each year visiting the golden-domed shrine of Imam Ali, the first Shiite imam. Iranian construction workers — many of whom are viewed as Iranian spies by Iraqi officials — have also flocked to the city to renovate the shrine and build hotels)).

Similarly, (UN News) in an Article entitled: (Iraq emerging as transit country for drugs, UN monitoring board says) revealed that ((Whether it is due to war or disaster, weakening of border controls and security infrastructure make Iraq into convenient logistic and transit points, not only for international terrorists and militants but also for drug traffickers. Drug trafficking groups are said to enter Iraq\'s holy cities disguised as pilgrims to go about their business, and recently, a large number of people were arrested on drug trafficking charges, and cases of drug-related intoxication are on the rise in hospitals in Baghdad and around the country)).

5-Iranian Regime involves in sending expired food and materials to Iraqi Kurdistan Region. No week passes without catching dozens types of expired food either on the borders or inside Iraqi Kurdistan Cities, sent directly and permitted to enter Iraqi Kurdistan through the official borders of Iran.

6-Iranian Regime involves in sending expired petrol and kerosene to Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which thousands were affected, some people with their vehicles were burnt, and resulted of dozens demonstrations.

There are several examples available, when the official borders of Iran have permitted this kind of Fuel (Petrol and Kerosene) to enter Iraqi Kurdistan Region. And last year, Sulaimani Provincial Council Delegation revealed several documents that proved the Iranian Regime involved it.

7-Iranian Regime involves in closure of border crossing to Iraqi Kurdistan and imposing blockage on Iraqi Kurdistan People with no excuse. Recently it was repeated by Iranian Regime, from 16-10-2017 until March 2018.

8-Iranian Regime involves in practicing its Islamic Extremist System in Iraq. I put a small example in this regard, which is issuance of an order at Iraqi Parliament Permits: (Girls with 9 years age to get married, and men may marry several Women).

Moreover, when, the Militias controlled a place, then they directly put posters of Iran’s Religious Leader “Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini” in the place, and they started to practice the Iranian Extremist Islamic Ideology there.

And Also, Beriwan Khailany, a lawmaker and Member of Parliament’s higher-education committee stated to (the New York Times) that “Iran wants to control the youth, and to teach them the Iranian Islamic radical ideas”.

9-Iranian Regime involves implanting spies inside government institutions especially inside Security Departments of Iraqi Kurdistan Region, in which previously lots of publications in Iraqi Kurdistan referred to several individuals detained inside Security Department, whom they work for Iranian Regime. But latter on the topics were hidden, Because the Iranian Regime has great influence on some Iraqi Kurdish Parties and Iraqi Parties in general.

10-Iranian Regime involves in implanting spies and individuals affiliated to his Regime inside Iraqi Kurdistan Region. And similarly in Iraq, there are lots of examples in this regard, as also “the New York Times” pointed out that ((according to officials, militia leaders have taken over a government project to set up security cameras along strategic roads.

Iranian construction workers — many of whom are viewed as Iranian spies by Iraqi officials — have also flocked to the city to renovate the shrine and build hotels)).

11-Iranian Regime involves in explosion of statues and tombs of Kurdish Scientists and great intellectuals and European Liberal Feminist Statues on Iraqi Kurdistan Cities, as an example; explosion of (Madam Daniel Mitran Statue) in Halabja City by An (Pro-Iranian) Islamic Extremist Group affiliated to hundreds of other similar terrorist actions.

12-Iranian Regime involves in blocking the natural rivers flow to Kurdistan Region, not considering the International Laws. The Regime has blocked flow of both rivers of (Small Zab, and Sirwan River) for several times. Particularly, in Khanaqin Area, it blocked flow of (Alwan River). It is obvious by blocking these natural rivers and not considering the International Treaties in this regard, during crises times, seriously affecting people and water security, especially on Sumer Season, and agricultural production season.

Iranian Regime purposely blocked these natural rivers, in order to dry the agricultural fields in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. It is obvious that many demonstrations and many requests have been made, in order not to take these attitudes against Iraqi Kurdistan Region, and to consider the International Laws, but Iranian Regime never considers those requests, and they deal with these cases as they will.

Iranian Regime also has been repeating it throughout this week, Yesterday (13-6-2018) “Qaladize Mayor Bakir Baiz” stated that “Today the Iranian government restricted the water flow of the Little Zab and as a result; the main source of drinking water for Qaladize’s residents has been cut off”.

Similarly, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources asserted “Iran had deliberately cut water flow to the Lower Zab River, which feeds into the city of Qaladze in Sulaimani Province. Drinking water for its residents and fish farms were directly affected”.

Besides, “Paul Davis” is a retired US Army military intelligence officer. He has been a consultant to the American intelligence community specializing in the Middle East affairs and currently, he is the President of the consulting firm JANUS Think in Washington DC.

“Paul Davis” in this case stated that: (Iran has opened a new phase in their war against the Kurds, and indirectly Iraq. Iran has begun to restrict the flow of the Little Zab River into Kurdistan. The action is setting up a crisis, and it violates international agreements. The agreements; “ The Helsinki Rules on the Uses of the Waters of International Rivers”, and “The Convention on the Law of Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses”).

13-Iranian Regime was the engineer of staff salaries cut of Iraqi Kurdistan civil servants and employees. Because the government of (Noori Al-Maliki) who conducted this task was directly ruled and planned by Iranian Consultants and was directly supported by Pro-Iranian Islamic Extremist Militias in Iraq.

14-Iranian Regime is involved in burning the border areas, countryside, mountains, and farms of Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Hundreds of times this Non-humanitarian actions have been conducted, especially in Sumer Season in order to dry the farms and agricultural fields of the region and to burn the pastures of Iraqi Kurdistan, we witnessed that yearly Iranian Regime has been doing the same act.

15-Iranian Regime is involved in shelling and bombardment of borders and other areas of Iraqi Kurdistan, so far many civilians were martyred and handicapped. It is clear lots of examples and the names of Victims in this regard. Especially numerous the Kurdish Carriers, civilians and Workers were killing by Iranian shelling and bombardment of borders. (I have a list of the names of victims).

16-Iranian Regime is mobilizing its army deep into Iraqi Kurdistan Territories. Numerous times it has been repeating by Iranian Regime.

Especially on October 16th 2017, Iranian Militias leaded directly by Iranian Quds Force General “Qasem Soleimani” invaded Kirkuk and Doozkhurmatoo Cities in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. And then, several times Militias leaded by Iranian Generals came in Kurdistan Region, as they involved non-humanitarian acts and also did not consider the International Laws. Even, Today (14-6-2018) Iranian Quds Force published formal Announcement that “The Iranian Quds Force will do an operation in Central of Iraqi Kurdistan Region for cleansing all Members of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan in Iraqi Camps”.

However, the Camps mostly contain women, children, and disabled of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and they have UNHCR Identities.

17-Iranian Regime is involved making Islamic Extremist Militias in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan, in order to be continues threat on Iraqi Kurdistan Region and controlling Iraq as the same as Iran wants. And it becomes like a plan to occupy Iraqi Kurdistan Territory, which Iranian Regime and its Islamic Extremist Militias have been directly occupying 51% of Iraqi Kurdistan Territory. Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani has directly participated publicly in Kirkuk Occupation Operation, since then Photos of (Khomeini and Ali Khamenei: Iranian Regime Supreme Leaders) are huge in Kirkuk and Doozkhormatoo Cities.

Iranian Regime directly could construct Islamic Extremist Militias in Iraq, which their aims just want to practice Iranian Islamic Extremist Ideology in Iraq. The Islamic Extremist Militia Groups like: ((Al-Hashad Al-Shaabi, and Asaib Ahl al-Haq also known as (the Qazali Network) according to “the Guardian Newspaper” Asaib Ahl al-Haq is controlled by Iran under Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani. Another Islamic Extremist Terrorist special group is Kataib Hezbollah (or Hezbollah Brigades), their leaders include; Qais al-Khazali, Laith al-Khazali, Ali al-Lami, Azhar al Dulaimi, Akram al-Kabi, Abu Mustafa al-Sheibani, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Abu Deraa)).

Most of their leaders have been involved dangers terrorist Actions in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan Territory, and also most of their leaders have been determined as dangers terrorists by the United States, because of their Non-humanitarian behaviors.

According to the New York Times “Iran smuggled guns and bomb-making supplies through the vast swamps of Iraq, and young men were brought back and forth across the border, from one safe house to another — recruits going to Iran for training, and then back to Iraq to fight. Iran is taking steps to translate militia power into political power, much as it did with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran’s militias in Iraq have been accused of widespread sectarian cleansing, pushing (Kurds, Sunnis and Christians) from their homes to establish Iranian Islamic Ideology dominance and create a buffer zone on its border. Iran could use the corridor, established on the ground through militias under its control, to ship weapons and supplies to proxies in Syria, where Iran is an important backer of Bashar Al-Assad Syrian Dictator; and to Lebanon and its ally Hezbollah”.

These Reasons and so many others confirm that agenda of Iranian Regime against the National Security of Iraqi Kurdistan Region is the most terrifying and it is the dangerous agenda and plan.

It is necessary to mention that during last six months, the Iranian Terrorist Actions has been becoming most dangers against Iranian Kurdish Parties Members in Iraqi Kurdistan.

On December 30th 2017, Iran conducted several terrorist actions by planting numerous explosions at Zirgwezila Camp in Sulaimani Province. And, numbers of Iranian Kurdish Party were died and injured.

On December 31th 2017 night time, I (Shareef Hazhariy) was seriously survived form kidnaping attempt by Iranian Terrorists, Documents form Police and Court investigations confirmed that Iranian Terrorists intended to kidnap me on December 31th 2017 night time, from Halabja City in Iraqi Kurdistan to Iran. Then, the Court Documents has been broadcasted in several languages (Germany, English, Kurdish and Persian) by Mass Media.

On January 7th 2018, Iranian Ministry of Intelligence, threatened the opposition forces of Iranian Kurdistan exist in Iraqi Kurdistan and they will take any actions against them in Iraqi Kurdistan Camps.

On January 19th 2018, Iranian Army moved to Kelle border in Iraqi Kurdistan, and they controlled many locations belonging to Iraqi Kurdistan, with no considerations to the International Laws.

On March 1th 2008, Stick Bombs were conducted on Two Members of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran at Erbil City, resulted in assassination of One and injury of the other.

On March 7th 2008, (Qadir Qadiri) a Member of Democratic Party was assassinated at Ranya City in Iraqi Kurdistan by shooting more than twenty bullets on his body.

On March 22th 2018, (a member of Rokhzad Sleman Por’s family) who is a member of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran was survived from Shooting Attempt at Sulaimani City by Iranian Terrorists, and then, on March 23th 2018, (Rokhzad’s House) was burnt.

On April 13th 2018, Iranian-Kurdish leader “Hussein Yazdanpanah” survived in an assassination attempt at Erbil City in Iraqi Kurdistan, when a motorcycle passing by his vehicle and unsuccessfully shot him at 5:00 P.M. At that time, Yazdanpanah pointed out that “I have no doubt that Iranian Regime is behind this attempt”, then Yazdanpanah added. “This is not the first time that they (Iranian) planned to assassinate me”.

From April 14th 2018 until now, numerous (Iranian Kurdish Parties Members, Civilians, and Carriers) have been assassinating by Iranian forces, Iranian Spies and the Iranian Militias in Iraqi Kurdistan.

In addition to hundreds of predacious plans conducted by Iranian Regime against Academic and Liberal Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan, so it proved that Iranian Regime becomes the most predacious and dangers occupying force against Iraqi Kurdistan and Iranian Kurdistan (Southern and Eastern Kurdistan) and every Liberal Kurdish individual generally.

All honorable Academics and liberal Authors must not be afraid from the terrorist actions of Iranian Regime inside Iraqi Kurdistan, and must reveal all Iranian Terrorist Actions. Neither Iranian Regime can continue the Terrorist Actions.

The future that liberals want is: Equality, Self-Expression, and Individualism, respecting the rights of different Nations, Languages, Cultures, Sects and Religions, and also, respecting Women’s Rights.
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