The silent invasion of Iraq by Iran

Invasion!.... According to which describe itself as the free encyclopedia on the internet , an Invasion is a military offensive consisting of all, or large parts of the armed forces of one geopolitical entity aggressively entering territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objective of either conquering, liberating or re-establishing control or authority over a territory, forcing the partition of a country, altering the established government or gaining concessions from a government, or a combination thereof.

To simplify Wikipedia\'s definition of invasion in my own short simple words , you basically need to do a lot of bombings and commit a lot of aggression if you\'re going to invade another country , BUT in Iran\'s case which is silently invading the Iraqi nation , none of that is happening.

Ever since the U.S invaded Iraq and disposed of its oppressive dictator Saddam Hussein , Iran have been hard at work infiltrating and invading every body part of Iraq like a fast-spreading virus with the intent to fully control all aspect of the nation decision-making and today we are clearly starting to see the end result which entails an Iraqi nation deeply influenced by the Iranian evil regime.

Just a few days ago , it was announced that Al Maliki , a Shiite and current Prime Minister of Iraq , ordered the arrest of Vice-President Tarek Al Hashemi. a prominent member of the Sunni Iraqiya Party , accusing him of running \" death-squad\" which targeted Shiiite government officials during sectarian violence in 2006 and 2007.

Hashemi , who is safely holed-up in the northern region of Iraq which is control by Kurdish\'s Persh-Mega army , has forcefully denied Maliki accusation and declared he could not return to Baghdad and face these charges because he would never get a fair trial since the Judicial system is not transparent , neutral nor independent.

Most analysis agrees that Iran hidden-hands is at work here and even Hashemi himself , accused Iran of being involved in his arrest warrant.

Definitely Iran was involved,Tariq al-Hashemi told The Washington Times in an exclusive interview, speaking by phone late Wednesday from a Kurdish town in northern Iraq.My dear friend, they have staff now in the government and in the parliament. They are representing Iran.
Al Hashemi has been a constant critic of Iran growing influence in Iraq and pointed out their interference in Iraq\'s politics, economy, social life, and education.This interference will only grow as the U.S draws down it\'s military presence in Iraq.Iran sees the U.S army pull-out as a major green-light to come out of the shadow and openly take over Iraq.

Iraq\'s population breakdown favors Iran since it is 65% Shia and only about 35% Sunni..The Shia in Iraq are very susceptible to Shia-dominated Iranian influence while their Sunni counterpart are influenced by Sunni-ruled Saudi-Arabia .

It is also well-known that Iran has been successful in somewhat infiltrating the Iraqi Army , the same Iraqi Army the U.S spent millions of dollar training so they would be able to defend the Iraqi border from foreign threat..Is it ironic the Foreign threat (IRAN) has already infected what was suppose to keep them at bay , the Iraqi Army?

About a year ago , this same Iraqi Army viciously attacked Camp Asharf , a refugee camp located in Iraq Diyala province which houses an unarmed exiled Iranian group known as MEK...The MEK are hated by the Iranian regime because of the war they waged against the regime after the 1979 Iranian revolution..This forced them in exile to Iraq where the Iraqi ex-dictator Saddam Hussein protected them and created a save-haven where they could plan and launch attack on the Iranian regime.

Many analyst also concludes the Iranian regime influence in Iraq was again at play here as they(Iran) really despises the MEK because many of the early-leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran died from bombing attributed to the MEK.

The U.S and U.N criticized the Maliki government and demanded a stop to these atrocities.It was then agreed that the MEK would have to move out of Iraq because the U.S could no longer guarantee their safety , specially with a Maliki Shiite Government that is deeply influenced by Iran which of course hates the MEK.

One of the biggest weapon in Iran arsenal in Iraq is its many well-funded and armed religious Shia Militias who answers only to Iran..

The most powerful Iranian-backed militia is known as the Mahdi Army , founded by the Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in June 2003...This terrorist group battled U.S forces during the bloodiest moment of the Iraq war and caused many casualties , both to the U.S and Iraqi Sunni population.

Those Militias aren\'t Iranians soldiers , they are indeed Iraqi Shiite who fully supports Iran Shia Islamic religious ideology and its ultimate goal of bringing Iraq under full control of Iran...The Iranian does not even need to sent its Army across the border to physically invade Iraq and can just rely on Iraqi Shia militia to do the dirty work.

Not too long ago , a senior U.S military official declared that Iranian-backed militias, not Al Qaeda in Iraq, pose the gravest threat to the country future.

Though the car bomb attacks that hit 13 cities in Iraq Monday bear the markings of Al Qaeda in Iraq, militias are the greater concern because of the support they are getting on a daily basis from Iran,\" said Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, spokesman for US forces in Iraq.

The military has found caches of rockets supplied by Iran and manufactured as recently as 2010,\" he added.

The evil Iranian regime is doing a pretty good job invading Iraq without physically having to sent its own Iranians troops running across the border which separates Iraq from Iraq.

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