My Devastated Homeland

Heshmat Tabarzadi

Today, during my family visit in the prison, I heard about the outside news and once again, I realized that the conditions of the people are even worse than ours here. I wished I were outside to share the sorrows of this poverty and hardship with my family and the people! I wish I were with them through these pains of homelessness and hunger shared by so many Iranians. I understand the feelings of hundreds stranded behind the hospital doors, worried about their loved ones who cannot afford their medical treatments.Truly! Which country do you know of that is among the top in the world in vast natural and underground fortunes and also rich with so many human resources, but its state and government every year, adds more than 20 to 30 percent to the costs of living of its people and buries them is such an unutterable inflation?
Which land do you know of that its government secretly and irresponsibly starts an ambitious nuclear program and as a result creates billions of dollars of expenses and losses to its people and subjects them to international sanctions while its leader (Ayatollah Khamenei), even more irresponsible than others, stubbornly persists on continuation of such anti-national policies.

Which country do you know of which has given the control of 32 billion dollars of its bank funds to about 500 people – who are unwilling to pay back the borrowed money? Nevertheless, exist millions of people, in desperate need of putting food on their tables and unable to pay for their basic living expenses.

Which nation do you know of that stealing, bribery and corruption, have taken over the fabrics of its financial and institutional system of the government. From its judges to its previous police chief to the general prosecutor of its capital to its bankers to the member of the parliament, to its former vice president, all and all have committed 100+ million dollar major embezzlements while the average people can not even obtain few hundred dollar loans!

Which country would you know where the usury, bribery and scandals are the common characteristics of its ruling class, while the most incompetent individuals and groups, holding the most sensitive government posts, have sunk the economy, politics and the society in to bankruptcy and crisis?

Which nation do you know of that its thieves, looters and opportunists are free and even get promotions and bonuses, bragging about their power and wealth, but its journalists and advocates of freedom and justice are detained, banned and repressed or exiled and displaced from their homes and homeland?

Yes, this is my homeland. The land where the totalitarian, dogmatic and fanatical ruling clergy, jointly with their intelligence, military and economic organizations overseeing all matters, monopolize the essence of national and human resources. With expansionism, adventurism and illegal interference in the internal and external affairs of others, in fact they have taken our nation hostage while blackmailing other countries.

This mafia like gang one day speaks of nuclear technology as its “inalienable right” and therefore immerses the country in to crushing international sanctions and another day advocates “heroic flexibility” just to buy more time for itself. Exploiting an oppressed and weakened nation sunk in to poverty, corruption, prostitution, hunger and homelessness.

Yes! This cruel and corrupt bunch, have devastated my homeland and paralyzed our nation in to poverty, misery, repression and terror. They have fragmented and attenuated different groups, parties and the intellectuals while others (such as president Rouhani) are deceiving with their trickery of “wisdom and hope” and pastimes such as failed projects of “basket of goods” and “cash subsidy” enrollments.

Now they have made her wait for another year until the nuclear negotiations conclude. A mirage of an opening, which will not be for the benefit of the people but for the ruling regime. This is the fate of the people and a nations that await, fixated on the hands of their captors, begging for mercy and opening by “the key” to their poverty and misery.

May 2014
Rajaii-Shahr prison