PDKI: Zarif\'s words and other statements by regime officials do not mean real negotiations to resolve Kurdish issues

Kurdpa Agency: The second deputy chief executive of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan has stated that Zarif\'s words in connection with negotiations with Kurdish representatives, do not mean as a real negotiation.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told a group of Iranians in Norway about negotiating with Kurdish delegates: \"Our table is open to negotiating with everyone, not with those who negotiate first but then broke promise, but our hands are open for dialogue and Cooperation with our friends and the Kurds are our friends. \"

The Foreign Minister added: \"Those Kurds who seek arms and armed movements must know that these moments in Iran do not respond and help foreigners and those who do not want the goodness of Iran, Kurdistan and the people.\"

Mohammad Nazif Qaderi, the second deputy chief of the Democratic Party\'s executive and relations officer, told the Kurdpa Agency: \"Zarif\'s and other regime officials\' statements that the negotiating table is open, they are not words that can be trusted and do not mean real negotiations.\", These interviews are more about exploiting Iran\'s international and domestic political issues and do not mean as a real negotiation to resolve the Kurds issues.

Democrat Party relations official insisted that they would only negotiate on the rights of the Kurdish people, adding: \"There has been no negotiation between the Kurdish parties and the Iranian regime so far, and corporation center of Iranian Kurdistan\'s Political Parties have accepted the negotiations and discourses as a principle to solve the Kurdish issues.

Mohammad Nazif Qaderi on the terms of the negotiation with the Iranian regime to resolve the Kurdish issues stated: The Iranian regime must first publicly declare that it will negotiate with the Kurdish delegation to resolve the Kurdish issues and speak about the rights of the Kurdish people.

He emphasized that negotiations to resolve the Kurdish issues in Iranian Kurdistan should be conducted under the supervision of an internationally recognized organization.

The second deputy executive in charge of the KDPI in response to Zarif\'s remarks about armed activity in Kurdistan stated: These are allegations that have been attributed to the Kurdish parties since the beginning of the revolution and that the Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan, and especially in Kurdistan of Iran has turned to legitimate defense for its survival and existence against the policy of repression, genocide and assimilation, and legitimate defense is one aspect of the Kurdish people\'s struggle, and Zarif\'s accusations are irrelevant, and contrary to Mr. Zarif\'s words, the Kurdish National Movement is only democratic. It is based on the will of the people of Kurdistan.

On July 14th, 2019, the corporation center of Iranian Kurdistan\'s Political Parties released a statement on negotiations with the Iranian government, announcing that some independent institutions were in contact with the corporation center of Iranian Kurdistan\'s Political Parties in order to resolve the Kurdish issues peacefully. These calls were intended to help find a peaceful and political solution to the Kurdish issues.

The corporation center of Iranian Kurdistan\'s Political Parties stated in the statement: It is clear that whenever preconditions for a serious negotiation are reached for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issues in Iran, the corporation center of Iranian Kurdistan\'s Political Parties will confidently inform it.