Komala Refutes the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence’s claim

Kurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa): The Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan refutes a statement of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in which they claim that they have arrested a dozen of the party’s members and Peshmergas.

In a brief interview with Kurdpa, Saleh Sharifi, a member of the Komala’s Political Bureau, described the Ministry of Intelligence’s statement as “false and unsubstantiated”.

“Any arrested in Kurdistan is usually claimed to be a member of the Kurdish opposition political parties by the Ministry of Intelligence”, said Saleh.

“The claim made by the Ministry of Intelligence is false and propaganda”, he emphasized.

“Our Peshmergas’ identities are completely obvious. The Iranian Intelligence Service has not in any case arrested any Peshmerga”, He added.

On Monday, 27th August, Said Mahmood Alawi, Iranian Intelligence Minister told news agencies that they have arrested 12 citizen in Kirmashan (Kermanshah) and Sna (Sanandaj).

The Minister said: “During an operation carried by the General Intelligence Service in Kirmashan and Sna, 12 person have been identified and put under arrest; in an armed clash with one of the arrested teams, two person were killed.”

In a statement issued on August 25, the Military Commission of Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan confirmed that an armed clash between its Peshmerga force and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)’s force had recently taken place in Mariwan.