Karim Parwizi : we are looking forward to seeing the United States’ and other countries’ political support for the Kurdish movement in Rojhelat

Kurdpa Agency: The ‘Fars news Agency’, a semi-official website of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) published a commentary accusing the United States Consulate in Erbil of ‘provoking instability in Kurdistan’ (Iranian Kurdistan).

The commentary titled ‘the United States Consulate in Erbil is the first source of destabilizing the Iran’s west borders’ reads: “At the time the likelihood of destabilizing the Iran’s west borders by the Washington administration is so high, the US government appointed an experienced expert (Steven Fagin) on the Kurdish question as the US consul in Erbil. It is noticeable that during the Mustafa Hijri’s visit to Washington, Fagin was one of the US officials who met him’.

Mentioning the recent visit of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan’s leader to the United states, it reads: “Mustafa Hijri, the PDKI’s leader visited Washington and met some of the US Department of State’s officials, congressmen and think tank’s scholars from 11 to 17 June. According to a report published by the party, contrary to previous visits in most of which ‘human rights’ had been the core subject of the meetings, the main subjects of this time’s meetings were specified to discuss ‘the impact of the important political issues on Iran and the party’s role”.

The commentary claims that the United States was behind the Iranian Kurdish opposition groups and reports that the Iranian government accused America of providing those groups with financial, military supports.

To discuss this topic, Kurdpa News Agency has briefly interviewed Karim Parwizi, a member of the PDKI’s Executive Board.

Kurdpa Agency: Iran claims that the PDKI has been intensifying its activities in Rojhelat (the Iranian Kurdistan) under the influence of the United States. What is your reaction?

Karim Parwizi: The Iranian regime has always claim that the foreign countries are behind the Iranian people’s activities especially the Kurdish movement to achieve their primary rights. Those claims aren’t something new since they have been repeated for forty years.

In early years, it claimed that the Kurdish movement was under the influence of Imperialism, Zionism and the Soviet Unions and other political blocks; whereas as we know most of them were against each other.

When Rasan (a new era of Kurdish fighting against the Islamic Republic of Iran declared on Mars 21, 2016) was passing through its early stage, the regime’s officials, in different statements, accused both Saudi Arabia and Israel of supporting it. And now they have Donald Trump to accuse him of doing what takes roots from the regime’s arbitrary actions.

Kurdpa Agency: Does the United States support your activities?

Karim Parwizi: We have been asking the United States’ government, America’s nation, American’s NGOs as well as all the democratic countries and any force supporting liberal and social movements to help us in our fighting to bring about freedom.

Unfortunately, the US government hasn’t still come up to our expectation to support the Kurdish movement in the Iranian Kurdistan.

We criticize the US in that it is expected to help other nations in their struggle to achieve freedom as well as stable peace.

We greatly appreciate receiving any support from the United States or any other country. The Islamic Republic of Iran uses some terrorist groups like Hezbollah to suppress the Iranian people and plunder Iranian wealth to win the support of some countries like China and Russia in order to stay in power; therefore, The Iran’s suppressed nations have the right to find help and support for their struggle against this suppressing regime.

Kurdpa Agency: Iran claims that it is the US Consulate in Erbil that is planning the Rojhelat parties’ activities. Is it true?

Karim Parwizi: Even though we are looking forward to being politically supported by different sides whether it is the US Consulate, the US Department of State or any other side, the Peshmerga activities and Peshmerga political-military tactics and strategies are planned by us not anybody else.

They stick to these kinds of propaganda and empty claims in order to distort the main subjects which are the existence of the National minorities’ issue and the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic.

Kurdpa Agency: Following the PDKI’s intensive activities in Rojhelat, the IRGC’s top officials and officials from different state organizations in Iran threatened to destroy the party. Have these threats had an impact on your activities?

Karim Parwizi: If the regime had succeeded in terrifying the Kurds in East Kurdistan, we couldn’t have seen the continuation of this nation’s movement and it might have surrendered after Khomeini issued Fatwa against this nation. The Kurdish nation has been fighting the regime for four decades; therefore, it’s blatantly obvious that this nation is not going to be terrified. The Islamic Republic of Iran is likely to be brought down in the next few years and Kurdistan will determine the history by providing the Kurdish people with self-determination right.