Temporary release of two Kurdish citizens and keeping detention of two other citizens in Piranshahr

Kurdpa Agency: Two detainees of a family were temporarily released on a bail and two other members of this family are still in detention.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Monday, May 20th, two Kurdish citizens named \"Davoud Qasemi\" and \"Abdul Salam Qasemi\" from the village of \"Rig Abad\" from the district of Piranshahr were released after the interrogation on bail until the trial will be held.

On Tuesday, March 19th, 2019, these two citizens along with Rahman and Shoresh Qasemi were arrested by intelligence forces on charged with \"cooperating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government.\"

Rahman Ghasemi who is the father of these three detained citizens, was previously a member of a Kurdish opposition party of the Iranian government.

In the summer of 2018, Abdolsalam Qasemi was arrested by intelligence forces and then released on bail of 450 million Tomans.

Photo: Abdul Salam Qasemi and Davoud Qasemi