A tradesman from Salmas was died as a result of the firing of the Revolutionary Guards

Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish tradesman from Salmas was died after direct shootings by Revolutionary Guards forces in the \"Kelashin\" heights in Oshnavieh.

According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, August 20th, a Kurdish tradesman, \"Mohammad Hamizadeh\", son of Younes from the village of Mateh Kharpeh, Salmas was died by direct firing of Revolutionary Guards troops in Kelashin, Oshnavieh.

The Revolutionary Guards have been shooting this Kurdish tradesman at very close without any prior warning.

This Kurdish tradesman went to the border region of Oshnavieh to provide his necessities of life.

The tradesmen\'s body was taken to Oshnavieh Hospital and then handed over to his family.