A Kurdish citizen was injured while gathering \"Aleppo oak\" in Sardasht

Kurdpa Agency: Government troops shoot a Kurdish citizen during \"Aleppo oak\" gathering in Sardasht.

According to a report released by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Sunday, August 18th, a Kurdish citizen named \"Sediq Alikhani\", son of Mahmoud resident of Gewzeli village in Alan District Sardasht , he was targeted by the government troops between the agricultural lands of Bizheve village and Gewzeli Nizar village.

\"\" The citizen, who had begun collecting \"Aleppo oak\" for his living, he was taken to Sardasht Hospital due to serious injuries in his leg.

local Protesters in Sardasht area said: \"The police should be realistic and follow closely. Is the incident at the border or agricultural land? They are shooting at people on the pretext of smuggling goods.\"

Sediq Alikhani is currently hospitalized in Sardasht Hospital and is undergoing medical treatment.